Excerpts from unsolicited letters from Timewave Customers

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DSP-9 & 9+ Digital Noise Filters
" The new 3.01A software for the DSP-9+ is Fantastic New to the ear. I'm hearing stations so far down in the noise that its hard to believe. Thanks for a job well done!" Jim, KD9KP
" I have had my DSP-9+ for about 6 months, sure is neat!" Lee, KB5IXI
" Just got my DSP-9 back with version 3.0- Thanks- The Best Just Got Better! - Thanks." Mike, KE6HD
" I'm very pleased with my DSP-9+ and wondered how I got along without it. What took so long to produce?? My hearing isn't the greatest so this DSP-9+ is GREAT for me." Charles, KB6TWA
" I don't know how I lived without it! " DSP-9+ James WB8LJZ
" Just received my DSP-9 hooked it up ... This gadget has made a new transceiver out of the ICOM 725. A really super piece of equipment! Good Work! It does every thing claimed, and more. I have taken it into a group of engineers to show them, and they are amazed as well! I can not imagine operating without it, after only 1 day of operation." Jeff, VE1ZAC
" Don't take too long to update it because I have become dependent upon the unit (DSP-9) for DAY to DAY operation." Don, WY2V
" I received the DSP-9 and its performance on CW is spectacular compared with the switched capacitor I was using for the last 5 years." Rich, PY3DK
" With all the storms we had in Texas this past weekend, I was able to give the DSP-9 a good workout. The unit worked super, it did everything that your specs stated on noise and tone reduction . . ., I reviewed the quality of the DSP-9 and found it to be EXCELLENT. With my background as a Manufacturing Engineer and building circuit boards for 25 years, I just couldn't pass up inspecting the assembly. Very good workmanship and quality circuit board material. First Class Job. Its is a pleasure to see an American made first class quality product. Keep up the great job!" Bill, N5EIF
" I use the unit (DSP-9) in mobile HF station and am extremely happy with the performance. As always when I see the improvements you made in your new models I lust for a new unit." Robert, WF2C/4
"DSP-9+ . . . The unit is working better than ever, and I like the new RTTY tone decoder/ remodulator mode." Chuck, KB3QU
"WOW! What a difference! Its a pleasure not to have to adjust the AF Gain Control...every-time I used the DSP-9! The signals definitely sound better, especially when I use the 100 and 200 Hz filters, and I do believe the NRr is more effective against line noise. This little DSP is fantastic." Ted, N4XX
160 Meter Contest
" I have used the DSP-9 in several contests ... found it does a remarkable job of either improving the signal-to-noise ratio or eliminating unwanted noise / interference from the desired signal. I am using it with the ICOM IC-765 and managed to finish 9th in the World in 1994 ARRL 160 Meter Contest amid heavy QRM against stiff competition. I also blew away the old Roanoke Division record for the contest."
Ron, AA4S
" I must say that even with limited use of the DSP-9+, I am very impressed with the operation of it." Earl, VE7IN
" The DSP-9 is hooked up to a Yaesu- FT990... I powered up your unit and I can sum up my reaction to your unit in one word....WOW..... The best way to compare the audio is to say it is almost as quiet as a FM station. The quality and volume available is excellent. The ergonomics are excellent. I like the knob you selected." Martin, KA7GKN
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