Excerpts from unsolicited letters from Timewave Customers

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Customer Service and the Company
" Thank you for your FB product and facilitating Hams to enjoy their hobby with more pleasure." Joseph, AC7Q
"... The reason we choose your product rather than one of your competitors - It's a real pleasure dealing with a company with such product support!" John, KF9IO & Jack, AA9BO
" ... I appreciate the attention that you guys are providing to supporting the product." Bob, WA6ERB/ VO1ORB
" It's very refreshing to deal with a company with high ETHICAL STANDARDS; not many of your ilk around." Paul, W6PYK
" Tnx Guys- that's Great Customer Service." Dave, KG8BJ
" It's nice to deal with folks who strive to deliver quality to their customers." Larry, N3MLE
" What a nice surprise to see your guys take so much care to keep customers happy. It's nice to do business with an AMERICAN Co. the DSP is used on my Heathkit SB104A and has transformed the old rig completely! It's a joy to operate." Richard, AG5M

" Again, thanks for being a company that cares."

Dennis L.
" How refreshing! A company that stands behind their products' quality!" KB5YUT
" Thanks for your fine back-up of a truly fine product." Ed, W2HTI & Eileen, KO4DI
" Thanks for not forgetting me after the sale, it makes a difference. You have an excellent product and your attitude toward the customer is exemplary." Jim, KC6NOS
" I appreciate the integrity of your organization and your way of supporting your customers." Bob, KE7EI
" The aftermarket help at Timewave is great - not too many doing it." Jim, KC5NOS
" I want to thank you for your courtesy and the professional way you deal with customers. It is like a breath of fresh air!!" Bart, N7NJL
" I am returning my DSP to be upgraded as per our conversation at Dayton HamVention. It is very gratifying to see a company that stands behind their products.." Lew, KD8UD
" The filter works beautifully. I truly consider digital signal processing one of the greatest advancements in signal reception in my 61 Years of ham operating." Warren, W5DFU
" I must congratulate you on a superb piece of filter, it has transformed my DX-ing I can hear the weak ones and now work them without guessing my report hi hi. " Glyn, GW0ANA
" PS. Tnx for letting me hear the weak ones on 160 Meters..." Dave, K1HMO
" My first contact using it was with CN8LI in Morocco, Africa. I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to do it without the DSP on that day! Thanks again." Jim, KB2PAQ
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