Timewave Annnounces
A PK-900 Upgrade

Product Announcement
For immediate release
November 25, 2002

Timewave Technology Inc. has brought the success of the PK-232/PSK Sound Card Interface Upgrade to the PK-900 and PK-900/DSP. The PK-900/PSK combines the reliable, convenient operation of the PK-900 legacy modes with the challenge of all the new sound card modes! The PK-900/PSK upgrade features software control for ease of operation and a dual transformer-isolated interface to prevent troublesome audio ground loops. You can now run PSK-31, MFSK-8, MT63 and more without swapping cables on your radio, computer and Multi-mode Data Controller.

The kit includes:

The PK-900/PSK Upgrade kits are now shipping!

Pricing for all PK-900 Upgrade kits is shown below. Note the special prices for various combinations of kits.

PK-900/PSK Upgrade kit $129.95

PK-900/DSP Upgrade kit $177.00

PK-900 9600 bps Upgrade kit $75.00


PK-900/DSP + 9600 + PSK Upgrade kits $350.00

PK-900/DSP + PSK bps Upgrade kits $290.00

PK-900/DSP + 9600 bps Upgrade kits $240.00

PK-900/PSK + 9600 bps Upgrade kits $195.00

Shipping and handling charges for any combination of kits to anywhere in the U.S. is $10.00 via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.

Factory Installation of the kits is available.

Installation of 1 kit $40.00

Installation of 2 or more kits $60.00

Insured return shipping cost for the U.S. 48 states is $12.00 vis UPS ground service.

Please request an RMA number before sending a unit to Timewave for upgrade or repair.

CSS has indicated they will support the PK-900/PSK with a new version of PK-Term for Windows. See http://www.cssincorp.com for more details.

We also offer custom cables to connnect most transceivers to the PK-900 and other TNCs.

PK-900/PSK Upgrade Data Sheet

PK-900/PSK Installation and Operating Manual
(.pdf format)

ModemSwitch program 

PK-900 Upgrade Prices

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