Sound Card Interface
Upgrade for the
PK-900 Multi-mode
Works with all sound card software
• Transformer isolation for sound card
input and output connections
• Radio connection uses your existing
AFSK cable set
• Software or keyboard control
• Sound card cable provided
• Computer speaker jack
• Owner installation

Technical Data Sheet

A quick and easy interface for PSK-31
and other new sound card modes.

Timewave's customers swear by their DSP filters and PK-900 owners love the flexibility and reliability of the best analog data controller ever built. The PK-900/PSK daughter board brings a new level of performance to the powerful PK-900 with transformer isolation on both audio input and audio output connections to your sound card. The PTT and audio I/O connections to your radio use your existing AFSK cable set. The PK-900/PSK upgrade will add all of the new sound card modes to your operating agenda, not just PSK31!

PK-900 - The Standard in TNC design
The PK-900 was designed in 1991 before the advent of affordable DSP technology. The filters in today's analog TNCs were state-of-the art in 1991, but they pale beside the performance of DSP filters. (We know a bit about RTTY/data filters - old and new. Timewave built a DSP Terminal Unit for the U.S. Navy in 1988, before most amateur radio companies could even spell DSP! Unfortunately, $3000 for a TU was a little high for the average ham, so we put DSP on hold for the ham market until 1993.) After the success of the DSP filter upgrade for the PK-900, Timewave has added the interface needed for the next generation of sound card based operating modes.

Sound card transformer isolation in and out Timewave's engineers examined the new sound card applications and added the necessary sound card isolation and PTT control to keep your PK-900 current with the newest operating advances. This upgrade allows you to explore all of the new sound card applications as they become available.

Software controlled and mode independent
The sound card mode is software controlled. For example, when operating with PK-Term for Windows, changing to PSK31 from Pactor is a simple menu click. To run programs like PSK31, SSTV, MT63, Hellschreiber, and MFSK16, as well as future new modes, just run Timewave's ModemSwitch™ program or enter the new "SC" keyboard command prior to executing the sound card application. (Many popular programs will integrate the new command into a single mouse click when the upgrade is available.)

Easy Installation
Installation in the PK-900 and PK-900/PSK is easy. We supply a brand new PK-900 back panel assembly with the new sound card interface printed circuit boards already mounted. Just remove a few screws, nuts and the old back panel assembly and mount the new one. If you have installed a PK-900 9600bps or DSP daughterboard, you already know how to install the PK-900/PSK kit. It's as simple as soldering a few connections and clipping a couple of component leads. The upgrade comes with complete instructions, in addition to Timewave's on-line and telephone support. Factory installation is optional.

Automatic operation
The PK-900/PSK supports all the new sound card modes in addition to all of the existing PK-900 modes - Pactor, VHF/HF Packet, AMTOR/SITOR, Baudot, ASCII, Morse, HF Weather FAX, TDM, and NAVTEX. Use PK-Term for Windows software for seamless operation! The PK-900/PSK upgrade is complete with sound card to PK-900 cables. If you use your existing PK-900-to-Radio AFSK cable set, you'll have no cables to build nor complicated plugboards to patch.


PCB Size: 1.5 x 4.9 inches, 1.2 x 3.2 inches
Power: 13-16VDC @ 35 mA. provided by PK-900
Housing: New back panel assembly replaces existing PK-900 back panel assembly.

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