PC COM Driver 1/27/2010 (Version 5.4.24 Win2000/XP/Vista) (Version 5.4.24 Win7)

Run U232VCPInstaller.exe after extraction.

These drivers are now signed and do not require any special procedure.

PC COM Driver
(for obsolete versions of Windows)
10/27/2006  (Version 4.38)
Software Installation Manual May, 2007 U232 Software Installation Manual
DOS PKZip (includes PKUNZIP)   pk250dos.exe
Repairing a bad driver installation October, 2011 Fixing a bad install for the U232 and PK232.pdf

Note #1 on PC COM Drivers: Version 5.x of the drivers (from Silicon Labs) does not work with some programs.  If you see the port, but are unable to access it, then uninstall version 5.x (via Add/Remove in the Control Panel) and reinstall version 4.38.

You may use TWComDetect to test your driver installation.
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