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And Now for the Weather?

Timewave's WeFax 256 is the Microsoft Windows-based WeFax reception program specifically designed for DSP-2232/1232 and DSP-232 (shown later in this catalog) owners. WeFax 256 displays, in real time, gray scale images from the NOAA HF WeFax Service and the NOAA APT Satellite Service.

Two resolutions (500 or 250 pixels per line) insure WeFax 256 will work on your system.

There is a scrollable receive buffer capable of operating in either stop or loop modes. Plus, there is a complete Image Processor, giving you the ability to enhance the WeFax image. Colorize images and convert them to .BMP, .GIF, .PCX, .TIF, and .JPG image formats. You can even configure the program for unattended captures of WeFax images.

Requires an Timewave DSP-based multi-mode TNC with a receiver and antenna system for either HF, APT VHF, or microwave operation; a 386 PC-compatible computer capable of running Windows 3.1 or better, 5 MB of free hard disk space , and a VGA 256-color monitor and video card or better.

May 7, 1997
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