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Log Windows Version 3.0

The Paperless Logbook

Logging, rig control, and DX cluster monitoring with award tracking and reporting It's all here and much more. This program was created to automatically display DX spots and allow users to move to the designated frequency quickly, log the contact, then save the information in a log. Immediately enter contacts and update your progress toward awards with Timewave's new Log Windows 3.0. Compatible with Windows '95™ as well as Windows 3.1™.

PakRatt Compatibility
This new version of Log Windows is now compatible with Timewave's PC PakRatt for Windows version 2.0. Users can have the superior TNC control of PC PakRatt for Windows 2.0, coupled with the powerful logging and tracking of Log Windows.

Rotor Control
Antennas can be turned to the short path, long path, or in an arbitrary direction, with the click of a mouse. Supports: Hy-gain DCU-1, Heath IntelliRotor, ProSearch, and Yaesu rotors controlled with the GS23/GS232 interface.

Database Browser
A new Database Browser lets you sort and print logs by any criteria. Users can also query on-line callbook databases such as AmSoft (Flying Horse), SAM, QRZ, or HAMCall for a callsign at any time. You can also use the internal QSL manager or an external one, such W6GO/K6HHD GOLIST.

DX Spots
Log Windows 3.0 can verbalize DX spots with a voice-synthesized DX alarm. A filter can be turned on so Log Windows will only display and sound alarms for DX that are needed, preventing unwanted spots from distracting you. You can display the 30 most recent DX spots, choose one to enter in the display, and grab it. This automatically sets the transceiver frequency and mode, and prepares the logbook to record the contact. Log Windows 3.0 doesn't even require a Timewave TNC.

Move to Log Windows
The stand-alone LW Import program (included) allows all these logs to be imported into Log Windows 3.0: CT, DXLog, Log Master, Easy DX, Hyperlog, DX Base, N6RJ 2nd Op, Log View, DX Desktop, PC PakRatt, and any ASCII log.

Award Types Supported
Logging and award tracking are supported for: ARRL DXCC, WAS, VUCC, and CQ Magazine's CQ Zone and US-CA awards.

Report Types
With Log Windows 3.0 you can generate all these reports: Summary, Full report, Countries/states/zones worked, Countries/states/zones needed, QSLs sent, QSLs needed, Award tag types (not tagged/duplicates).

Supported Computer Controlled Radios
ICOM: IC-275, 375, 475, 575, 706, 725, 728, 728, 735, 736, 737, 738, 751, 751A, 761, 765, 775, 781.
Kenwood: TS-50S, 60S, 140S, 440S, 450S, 680S, 690S, 711A, 790A, 811A, 850S, 870S, 940S, 950S.
Yaesu: FT-840, 890, 900, 990, 1000, 1000MP.
JRC: JST-145, 245
Ten-Tec: Omni VI

Log Maintenance
Updating official ARRL DXCC list prefixes in databases is easy with the special utilities built into Log Windows 3.0. Log Windows 3.0 also allows users to print QSO labels, print logbooks, see information displayed by the local Packet Cluster, and change the frequency and mode of the transceiver to the frequency shown by the Packet Cluster.

An IBM compatible computer running Windows 3.1 or better, 4MB of RAM, and 4MB of free hard disk space.


  • Logging, rig control, antenna, rotor control, and data controller interface all in one package
  • Runs under Microsoft Windows™
  • PC PakRatt for Windows 2.0 compatibility for ultimate control
  • Query on-line callbook databases
  • Use the Database Browser to search your logs by almost any criteria you can imagine
  • Voice synthesized DX spot alert
  • Packet cluster interface supports all Timewave TNCs, plus all others too!
  • Print logbook by prefix or chronological order
  • Print QSO labels (laser/tractor}
  • Generates many report types
  • Supports all popular awards
  • On-screen help
  • Limited one year warranty

May 7, 1997
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