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Image received and colorized using Timewave FAX III

Why Wait for the Weather?

Timewave FAX III is a package containing a small demodulator and DOS computer software that lets you receive gray scale HF weather fax images. It also decodes CW, RTTY, and NAVTEX messages. All you need is a SSB receiver and a IBM-compatible computer. Once you buy FAX III, you can order the software-only version of ACARS-the demodulator is the same.

Colorize Your Weather
Receive WeFax images in 16 shades of gray, then colorize with the 256 color palette. Colorizing allows you to decipher more information from received images. You can then export the grayscale or color images to .PCX or .GIF graphic file extension for use in other programs.

Fax Station Database
A Fax Station Database is included with Timewave FAX III. You can keep a log of stations heard and update the database whenever you want. Once a station is in the database, you can quickly and easily search the entire database by names, country, or time.

Automatic Reception
Timewave FAX III enables a computer to drive computer controllable receivers, allowing frequency switching of the receiver for unattended capture of complex schedules. This feature coupled with the fax station database makes unattended captures a snap. Just choose stations from the database, put them in a schedule, and go do something else. When you come back, Timewave FAX III will have captured the transmissions you need.

Upgrades Available
If you have Timewave FAX or Timewave FAX II, you can fully upgrade to Timewave FAX III. Here's a bonus, the demodulator used for ACARS and Timewave FAX III are the same. So, once you buy Timewave FAX III, you can just just order the software only version of ACARS.

On-Screen Tuning Indicator
A tuning indicator is present at all times while receiving an image. You can adjust the tuning of the signal and immediately see the results. You don't have to stop receiving an image to adjust tuning as with other WeFax receiving programs.

Manipulate Images
Once an image is received you can manipulate it right in Timewave FAX III. You can zoom, invert, flip, rotate, mirror, scroll, and crop images. Plus you can colorize images and export them as graphic files!

Easy Installation
The demodulator simply plugs into the serial port on your computer-no TNC is required. The circuitry for demodulation is housed in the included demodulator. A shielded audio cable plugs into a COM port on your computer and into your HF receiver's external speaker output. The connector has a female DB-25 connector on one side to interface with your computer's COM 1-4 port. On the other side is a male DB-25 connector so you can "daisy-chain" and avoid tying up a COM port.

Requires an IBM-compatible computer and a general coverage HF SSB receiver. VGA monitor required for optimum gray scale and colorized fax display. Works with EGA and CGA monitors, but with reduced grays and colors displayed. No Amateur Radio License is needed. No TNC is needed.


  • 256 WeFax coloring ability
  • Receives WeFax in 16 shades of gray
  • Receives WeFax, NAVTEX, RTTY, and Morse code
  • Includes a Fax Station Database
  • Can be configured to automatically receive images while you are away
  • On-screen tuning indicator helps you keep the signal coming in strong
  • Slide Show mode for viewing a series of your favorite images
  • Images can be exported to .GIF or .PCX files
  • Manipulate images after they are received
  • Demodulator is the same as the one used for Timewave ACARS; software only Timewave ACARS available
  • Prints images on popular printers; color on HP & Epson color printers
  • Limited One Year Warranty

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