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See airline flight information flight on your computer screen!

Air Traffic Controller

Airline flight, cargo, fuel, and many other pieces of information will fly across your screen. Timewave ACARS is a package containing a small demodulator and DOS computer software that lets you receive the digital communications taking place between ground stations and aircraft. All you need is the Timewave ACARS package, a VHF receiver or scanner capable of covering 129-132 MHz AM, and an IBM-compatible computer.

What is ACARS?
ACARS is an acronym for Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System. Until a decade ago, almost all radio links between the ground and commercial aircraft used voice communications. The expansion in air traffic generated the need for a faster and more efficient system for handling communications. The result was ACARS, a digital data link system designed to utilize existing ground station and aircraft radio equipment, and enhance air-ground-air communications. Timewave ACARS gives you the ability to monitor this communication.

The Messages
The ACARS frequencies carry a lot of traffic between aircraft and ground stations. The types of information in the ACARS transmissions varies widely. It can range from simple arrival/departure reports, to lengthy aircraft computer downlinks of navigation, engine, and performance data. Messages also include: Weather observations, flight plans, navigation positions, aircraft and engine performance data, arrival/departure/delay reports, equipment malfunction reports, crew reports, connecting gate lists

The Range
Timewave ACARS lets you receive transmission across the country from aircraft flying at very high altitudes. If you live within 50-100 miles of a major airport, you will be able to observe even more messages from aircraft. Within a mile or two of the airport you can receive many of the ground-air messages relaying pre-departure flight plans and checklists.

ACARS Signals
For ham radio operators and short-wave listeners, ACARS can be regarded as a commercial type of packet radio communication. The ACARS signal uses a 2400 bps message data bit stream to differentially AM modulate the transmitter carrier using 1200 and 2400 Hz tones. AM modulation is used, consistent with the historical use of AM voice mode on the aircraft bands since the early days of radio.

Timewave FAX III Owners
The great thing about the way we designed Timewave ACARS is that the demodulator for Timewave ACARS and Timewave FAX III are identical. If you already own Timewave FAX III and you want Timewave ACARS, all you need to do is get the software only version of ACARS at a reduced cost-just load the software on your computer and use your existing Timewave FAX III demodulator!

If you don't have Timewave FAX III, get the complete Timewave ACARS package which includes both the demodulator and the software. If you decide you want to receive weather fax images-by the software only version of Timewave FAX III.

DSP-232 & PK-900 Owners
If you own either the new Timewave DSP-232 or PK-900, you have the demodulator hardware already built into your data controllers. If you want to receive ACARS transmissions, get Timewave ACARS 900 - the software only version custom-designed to run with your DSP-232 or PK-900. If you want Timewave FAX III - same deal, get Timewave FAX III 900.


  • Lets you see digital airline communications on your computer
  • DOS software and demodulator included in full ACARS package
  • Same demodulator as Timewave FAX III - FAX III owners can buy the software only version of ACARS at a reduced price!
  • DSP-232 and PK-900 owners have the demodulator built into their TNCs - all you need is the special software-only version, Timewave ACARS 900 for your DSP-232 or PK-900
  • Use with your existing VHF receiver or scanner
  • Use with your existing IBM-compatible computer
  • Detailed manual gets you receiving messages in no time
  • Software supports computer COM ports 1-4
  • Limited One Year Warranty

May 7, 1997
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