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DSP-599zx – Firmware upgrade now available


The DSP-599zx, with highly aclaimed digital noise filters, is part of the latest generation Timewave DSP filters. Incorporating the newest high speed CPU, the extra power gives the user unparalleled features and field upgradeability for the future. The new LCD display, pushbuttons, and Visible Memory let you see the exact settings of the filter. The optical encoders give the operator continuous tuning of the filters.

DSP-599zx Data Sheet
The Newest and Most Powerful all-mode Noise and QRM filter.

DSP-599zx Features: 
Download an in-depth description of the DSP-599zx (454 Kb .pdf file)

Apples and Oranges: 
A comparison between the Timewave DSP-599zx and the JPS NIR-12

DSP-599zx Operating Manual
Latest version. {3/6/97} (3,010 Kb .pdf file)

DSP-599zx Reference Card
Operator Reference Card (23 Kb .pdf file)

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Product Description

DSP-599zx – Firmware upgrade now available


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