The Navigator joins the PK-232SC+ Multimode Data Controller in Timewave’s versatile line of data controllers, TNCs and and sound card modems.

The Navigator is a complete USB sound card modem featuring a proven USB audio sound card chip, six FTDI USB serial COM ports, a K1EL Winkeyer keyer, True FSK and rig control connections for every radio. It has a built-in USB sound card with isolated audio I/O to your radio to prevent ground loops. A second audio input lets you use both receivers in a dual receiver radio. The logic level and RS-232 rig control ports support your Icom CI-V, Yaesu CAT, Kenwood and other radios. Front panel controls set both RX audio levels, TX audio ouput level, audio monitor level and the CW speed. There are no internal configuration jumpers – just conveniently set the software-controlled configuration settings from your PC.

Navigator $374.95 USD [Buy Now]

Navigator Master Cable Assembly $54.95 USD [Buy Now]
(Please specify your transceiver model.)


Available from Timewave Dealers and direct from Timewave.

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